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I have been following a diet inspired by the past, as well.

What Is the Nordic Diet

There is another episode that will be linked at the end of this episode where you can see the explanation for that diet.

I’ve been following it to improve my health, and just to improve myself generally.

Now Imay not be looking like Lord Frey here! But, I have had some success this month.

I haven’t been eating my shield like this guy! So without further ado let me get into my update.

In the first month of my diet I’ve been able to stay on the diet following the Nordic Way rules 19 of the 31 days.

That’s about two-thirds of the time.

I’m really proud of that, actually.

For the other days – the other one-third of the days – I wasn’t actually overheating.

I just wasn’t necessarily eating the Nordic Way food; so I may have had wheat or white potatoes or something along those lines, or it could have been that my protein ratio wasn’t high enough for the Nordic Way Diet.

You are aiming for a ratio of around one gram of protein for every 2 grams of carbohydrates that you eat.

Nordic Diet Plan

I hit 1gram of protein for every one point two seven grams of carbohydrates that I ate during January; which is great! I liked eating that.

It took a little bit of thinking.

I used an app to follow that I found, that was very useful.

I use the app to count my calories.

I wasn’t expecting to count my calories, but since the app had the feature, it was the easiest way to do it.

What I found was that I ate around 1250 calories a day.

I think I may have underestimated a few days, so it was probably between 1250 and 1500 calories that I ate per day.

I was generally in this ratio on most days.

A few days I may have gone from one to three.

On some days I was one to one.

Here is an example of some of the foods that I ate during the month.

I had – going from the top-left corner – I had grain porridges and topped with the sky, which is a really thick type of yogurt made from whey.

I had I had sushi my friend made.

One of the things to note about sushi, of course, there’s the coldwater fish, but then rice (although luminous rice) is high GI regularly because when it is mixed with the vinegar becomes a lower GI product.

It gets digested less quickly.

That is a trick you can use with almost any food, is to include an acid with your meal inorder to reduce the the speed at which the carbohydrates are digested.

I alsomade okonomiyaki with sourdough starter.

I had savoury porridges with eggs and onions.

I had canned fish, and I ate sourdough rye bread crackers.

Those are amazing.

I had a few apples.

I need to have more apples because of course “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Sometimes, though, I felt like I really needed to have a ‘chocolate kick’ or dessert.

What I did was I made’healthy chocolates’ out of cocoa.

What to know about the Nordic Diet

Down there at the bottom right corner are truffles that I made out of sweet potatoes, spices and cocoa powder; with very little sugar added (and the sugar that I did add was maple syrup).

Here in the top left corner is an example of some Indian food that I made.

This is actually leftovers.

I have some crispy onions on that plate, whole grain brown rice with sesame seeds and turmeric pickle.

The main dish there is paneer with – called “matter paneer” because it has peas in – it but I also added three types of dal, which are different kinds of of lentils.

Now one of the things that, of course, vegetarians and vegans have in order to increase their protein intake is tofu.

Here it’s actually cheese, it’s paneer,but they also have beans and lentils and chickpeas.

Now those seeds have protein in them, but they don’t have a high enough ratio of protein that you can only eat that to be on the Nordic Way Diet; I found.

So, actually, on this day when I had Indian food, although I had fairly high protein meals, it was not a Nordic Way Diet day even though it was extremely healthy.

I also made a meal that was inspired by Turkish cuisine.

That is the next one there.

You can see I stuffed some red peppers with meat.

In that meat was also whole grain sorghum and then in the background, there’s an olive and feta salad with cauliflower.

In the far back – I can’t even remember what that is.

But, in any case, it was all delicious! I didn’t has any wine.

I’m not drinking alcohol.

That was for someone else at the meal.

I’m just drinking water and tea.

That way I’m not getting the extra calories because that is what really adds up – when you drink things that have calories in them – it really ‘breaks your day’ and you’re just hungry afterwards because they all have almost no fibre, especially compared to actual food.

I also made some rye bread this month.

I made sourdough rye bread from scratch; in a Danish-style.

In the top right corner you see a loaf there.

It is basically just rye bread, water, salt and then some other whole-grain, as well.

This time I used whole grain rye, as well as the rye flour, and also some whole grain oat groats.

It was really, really delicious.

I make mine particularly sour.

I let it ferment twice as long.

That way it’s a little bit more airy, and it has a ‘bite’ to the bread.

I have a picture in the bottom where I have a smørrebrød.

where I make an open-faced sandwich with the rye bread (which is the classic way to eat it).

I have on that Æbleflæsk which is “Apple-flesh”.

That recipe is coming up next week, actually, on Heathen Hearth, So stay tuned for that one.

I made – the next one there is a Spanish tortilla, which is a type of baked omelet with potato in it.

Then the last one there is an open-faced sandwich on rye with turkey and hot oil, and on the side, there’s a little nest of homemade sauerkraut with a bocconcini “egg”.

So, that is not actually an egg.

That is bocconcini.

So you can see that on this diet an I’m eating really well.

I’m eating delicious, creative food.

One of the things that I haven’t been perhaps eating as much of is vegetables or larger amounts of vegetables because I’ve been finding it a little bit hard to have a lot of fruits and vegetables and still maintain the ratio of protein to carbohydrates that I want to have.

Since there is an incidental vegetable in a lot of meat dishes and you often serve things with a carbohydrate side,I have found that it’s pretty easy to eat whole grains, if you keep to and to try to avoid wheat.

I find it easy to avoid wheat because I love rye bread so much.

So it is not like I can’t eat bread.

I love having rice and steamed grains.

All I have to do is just have the brown rice brown version of it or just substitute another grain for rice.

It is a really interesting way to experience different flavours and enliven the cuisines you are familiar with, just by changing that sort of background taste.


What you’re probably most interested in knowing is, not what I ate, but how much weight I lost.


I lost.

*drum roll* 17 pounds!

I’m really proud of myself too.

17 pounds represents about 7% of the total total weigh.

That is quite a lot in one month.

I may not be able to keep that up in other months.

Where I am now though, it’s at a lower Body Mass Index;which is great.

I am still in the “overweight” category, however.

But other things have improved; my bone density hasn’t changed really, much this month; my mass muscle ratio has increased, obviously with the loss of fat.

So – I’m not – it doesn’t look like I’m losing muscle.

My blood pressure appears to be fairly similar, but maybe on-average it is going down a little bit? A lot of my – some of my symptoms may have improved as well.

I have been tracking them, but it’s harder to tell.

I have had pretty well the same amount of exhaustion.

I have been able to have four days of work a week, but I can’t seem to do a full five days.

Doing an entire 12-hour day (with the commute and the workday) becomes quite difficult for me.

But I’m staying mentally alert and pretty good most of that time.

I’ve had some cognitive issues with brain fog and memory, but I have my mood has been quite good this entire month.

I have experienced some exhaustion.

I have learned a few things though about why I may be experiencing those symptoms.

Although my symptoms are fairly mild compared to most, it does appear that I have a lot of the symptoms of Lyme disease.

I was worried about this, and so I went to a naturopath who had the ability to send tests to the United States.

I got blood tests in theUnited States.

My blood tests in Canada had come back negative; using the ELISA test.

However, I sent a test to the US, and they did the Western BlotTest.

I came back positive on that one.

Lyme disease is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which is a type of spirochete that is transferred by ticks and other types of bugs.

It can cause a whole host of ailments.

One of the main suggestions that – at least dietitians and nutritionists and naturopaths have is that – you should change your diet to one that doesn’t have wheat or gluten or refined sugars.

I don’t really buy into the non-gluten thing, but I definitely agree that we should cut down on modern refined grains and refined sugars.

I’m basically doing that already with the Nordic Way Diet.

So that’s great.

I’m going to continue with doing that.

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So remember to check those out.

The information there does not necessarily get on to YouTube.

I love it when you share the links that I have posted.

It really, really is – its great to see that kind of support.

Thank you very much.

I highly recommend the Nordic Way Diet cookbook.

It is the one right here.

It is the one I’ve talked about in a previous episode, which is actually going to be on the screen if you’d like to check that one out.

It is the one where I talk about why I’m doing this diet and the underpinnings for it and what it is all about.

If you would like to purchase that book, there’s a link down below in the description.

On the screen, there’ll be a link to the diet episode that I have.

I also recommend you check out my recipe for sauerkraut.

Natural fermentation sounds hard, but it is actually pretty easy.

It produces a delicious product that is very filling and is extremely healthy for you; filled with probiotics.

Just absolutely delicious.

So check out the recipe, as well.

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