About Me

My name is Stacy McClure and back in 2008 I stumbled upon an organic product created by a small specialist manufacturer of gum care products having a worldwide market.

Back then I was struggling with a whole list of gum issues that include gum recessions, bad breath and Gingivitis.

Besides having very bad breath (definitely not recommended!) I had red, sore and painful gums that bled a lot when I brushed my teeth or flossed. Everything I tried previously failed to help – but amazingly and unexpectedly (I was very skeptical), this natural gum disease remedy fixed all my gum problems in just a few weeks.

I also found I woke in the morning with fresh breath. So no more “morning breath for me.
This was a revelation because I had suffered with these problems for some years.

Now I knew that the natural products has tremendous healing properties and I started promoting natural health related product on Superfoodish.com
Please feel free to contact me if you have any question and queries regarding natural cures and treatments.